Saif Rashid awarded as Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of Year 2014

We know JITA Bangladesh’s co-founder Danone Communities (DC)  is truly a global network of social enterprises! DC’s mission is to fund and develop local business with a sustainable economic model; oriented towards social goals- reducing poverty & eradicating malnutrition.

Danone Communities is currently having 10 successful social enterprises projects in different corners of the world. These 10 social business projects are diverse in nature and working in different fields starting from safe drinking water, dairy to rural sales network. Yet all these enterprises are connected with each other under Danone Communities inherent vision of ‘creating sustainable social impact by business’. So all these 10 social enterprises are connected to each other just the way planets are orderly linked to one another in a Galaxy! Danone Communities has formed the galaxy; we are the planets!

From 2013 DC has started taking the initiative of organizing Two ‘Galaxy Meeting’ in a year bringing all projects together so there is a coherent relation can be built among them; so these enterprises can learn from each other, so they can share their best practices & existing challenges, so they can help one another in their connected missions!

After having successful Galaxy Meetings in France and India last year, now for the first time Galaxy is coming to Bangladesh (25-27 June 2014) where two of Danone Communities successful social businesses are located!

Stay with us and learn more on the meeting & meeting participants; and also get to know what special focus JITA Bangladesh is going to have as a local social business project!