Market Development

With years of experience operating in rural and informal market systems, JITA is well equipped to provide a range of business development services – from testing new products or services in rural markets, conducting in-depth market insights research and executing behavior change campaigns.

In order to remain innovative and responsive to changing market dynamics, JITA is dedicated to experimenting and adopting new approaches when faced with evolving challenges. JITA’s consulting services help non-profits, private corporate as well as public organizations better connect with base-of-the-pyramid markets and extend their solutions.

JITA takes pride in its on-the-ground network – consisting of field staff, Aparajita salesforce, hub managers and rural retailers. Through them JITA is able to reach millions of doorsteps with health and nutrition related messages along with a continuously expanding collection of goods and services. Depending on the nature of the market activities, JITA leverages its field network to ensure optimum penetration and impact.