Expanding the horizon 2014 – celebration of our 2- year journey

JITA Bangladesh  celebrated its amazing 2-Year Journey by the Grand Event naming “Expanding the Horizon 2014″. ” The event has been a tribute to each and every member of JITA family who made JITA journey a remarkable story of success!!”- Saif Rashid (JITA CEO).

The 3-day event took place in an enchanting sea side environment in Cox’s Bazaar during 8th-10th Februay 2014.

The program has been glorified by the presence of all JITA employees alongside with JITA’s heart- top 65 Aparajitas, 100 hub managers and 30 service persons!

The event involved several in-door and out-door sessions where each participant got privilage to enjoy, learn and share. JITA members got to learn about how JITA has passed its initial 2 years and what role each of them played on this journey. Beside having a deep dive over the past two years, key messages have been shared upon which JITA members made commitment on how 2014 can be a year of greater achievments.

Beside JITA members, “Expanding the Horizon”have attained the privilage of valuable presence of JITA Partners- Square Toiletries, BATA, Marico during the Grand Award Giving Ceremony and Cultural Program where high performing and committed members were recognized and awarded.

Also the event was honoured and privileged with the presence of JITA Director Ms Corinne Bazina, visionary speech from JITA CEO Saif Rashid and an inspirational video message from JITA Chairperson Ms Jamie Terzi.

4) Signing agreement  between JITA Bangladesh and PROOFS

JITA Bangladesh and PROOFS have signed an agreement on 29th April, 2015 at PROOFS Dhaka Office.The partnership has been formed between the two parties vouching to provide Social Marketing Services that will create awareness on the nutritious and hygiene products in the PROOFS working area, covering four districts in Northwest Bangladesh and three districts in Southern Bangladesh. This partnership marks great prospects for JITA as well in terms of growth and expansion of the business to include, serve and sell nutrition and hygiene products and catering to an improved livelihood of 80,000 Bangladeshi rural households.JITA will establish the new HUBs/marketing channels as well as create the awareness on the nutritious and hygiene products in the PROOFS working area. JITA’s unique supply chain model, the rural sales ladies, the Aparajitas, will be given extensive training in this regard. The Aparajitas will be deployed consequentially with nutritious food and hygiene products added in their basket in a sustainable manner through sales and marketing, catering to the 80,000 PROOFS target households.

JITA and PROOFS will complement each other regarding improving the nutrition status of the rural households through a market-based approach. PROOFS brings nutrition knowledge and knowledge on how nutrition messages should be given to the target group to improve their nutrition status. JITA brings knowledge on how to train and deploy sales ladies as local entrepreneurs (as a livelihood) for the marketing of consumer products at household level. The entire collaboration is expected to bring about significant escalation in dietary diversity and household food security, among others.