Developing Rural Enterprises

One of JITA’s core mission is to establish a strong commerce network those bridge disparities between urban and rural economies and prevent different types of market failures. JITA does this by heavily engaging and empowering individuals who aspire to pursue entrepreneurial paths along with those who are already doing so. JITA offers the supply chain linkages that are necessary for such rural entrepreneurs to source high-quality essential commodities and operate financially sustainable ventures with them.

JITA’s alternate distribution system works with 450+ ‘Hubs’, independently operated by individuals who have made a small investment behind their venture. JITA also maintains a network of Aparajita saleswomen, currently 300+ active, who are women from marginalized communities with a strong desire to achieve financial independence. In addition, JITA also caters to around 30,000 rural retailers, who operate in mostly informal marketplaces, using hub-based distribution.