Empowering Women

By leveraging our last-mile distribution network, JITA is able to support rural women from disenfranchised households to secure additional monthly income by becoming an entrepreneur. JITA’s MOUKA platform has been revised and re-launched with the aim to ease the rural women’s transition as an entrepreneur while ensuring a steady income source. In addition to developing door-to-door sales agents, JITA also extends its support to a growing network of women-owned stores. Through JITA’s platform, women from rural marginalized households are able to increase their total income by almost 47% in their first month as an Aparajita. Consecutively an Aparajita has been reported to secure 15% growth in annual income solely through JITA, in contrast to an estimated 2% growth from other sources. Since its inception, a total of 3,000 women have received training on basic business acumen through JITA and currently, there are 300+ who are actively engaged as either door-to-door or store-based Aparajitas.