Ensuring Consumer Access and Awareness

Approximately 17 million of consumers from the base-of-the-pyramid communities, of whom 50 percent are women, are now getting access to quality essential health, hygiene, and nutritional products through JITA’s platform. JITA continuously works with partners to develop and initiate awareness campaigns to promote health and hygiene knowledge among consumers.

Through one such collaboration with Japanese skincare company Shiseido, JITA disseminated information to nearly 60 thousand women on the harmful effects of radiation from direct sunlight. We have also introduced messages on renewable energy usage and products in base-of-the-pyramid markets. These products have included affordable solar based products, such as cooking stoves, which are intended to reduce carbon emission.

Another collaborative effort with BiC directly reached more than 20,000 rural population to generate awareness regarding importance of personal care and hygiene. Post-activation survey revealed that a strong BiC brand awareness was captured among the communities. More than 40% of the targeted campaign participants expressed satisfaction with the significance of ‘personal hygiene and safety’ which in turn positively affected sales of BiC products.