Commonwealth Countries discover JITA’s women empowerment approach


“A Social Business like JITA can bring the concept of women entrepreneurship to a new dimension in any corner of the world”- Sir Anand Satyanand (Chairperson Commonwealth Foundation).

Active participation in 10th Women’s Affairs Ministerial Meeting Partners’ Forum (10WPF), organized by Commonwealth Foundation and BRAC during 15-17 June, 2013, has brought high interest and recognition for JITA Bangladesh.

The forum aimed to gather Government Officials, Development workers, Private Sector representatives and successful entrepreneurs from all Commonwealth nations in order to create new policies those would eventually uphold favorable environment for women entrepreneurship. JITA Bangladesh actively participated not only in policy making sessions such as : Breaking Down Barriers for women entrepreneurs”, “Emerging Trends in Enterprise: How they can help women empowerment”, “Women & International Trade” etc but also in an event displaying how JITA Aparajitas are gaining socio-economic freedom.