Our Failures


  1. Process Documentation:

JITA reached to a remarkable height within a very short time. But while climbing the ladder of success & focusing too much on its business and social sustainability, JITA sometime failed to document its remarkable operational process. Lack of human resource was one of the reasons to fail at doing such work. But now, reaching the sustainability & with a large team of experts, JITA is focusing on documenting different departmental processes & improve its flaws from that.


  1. Focus on consumer impact assessment:

JITA was born with a vision to eradicate social problems & thus have focus on creating significant social impact.  In the initial period after inception JITA remained busy over bringing financial sustainability. While focusing on business stability, women empowerment and consumer benefit all together JITA could not put enough time to assess consumer impact level. However by the end of 2013, JITA is looking forward for the final phases of Consumer Impact Research partnered by Said Business School, Oxford University. The completion of this research will indeed come up with an innovative Consumer Impact Assessment framework