JITA session in “Social Business Forum 2013”; North South University


“As JITA bears the noble responsibility of upholding the victory of social business, it will always travel extra miles to ensure the attainment of greater mission of empowering women and creating nutrition-hygiene-energy access for “forgotten people” at the base of the pyramid!”Saif Rashid- CEO JITA (During JITA session in Social Business Forum 2013; NSU).

North South University is well known for its continuous involvement, support and research on Social Business. CEO of JITA was being warmly invited as a speaker in NSU’s Annual Forum on Social Business in order to take a session for a massive audience. Mr. Saif shared the amazing story of JITA’s transformation as a social business from a development project, how JITA is balancing business and social impact as well as the way it is successfully heading towards national and international expansion.