Speaking at Social Business Day 2014

JITA CEO and also Schwab Social Entrepreneur of year 2014 Saif Rashid joined Dr. Muhammad Yunus's Social Business Day as "Marketing in Social Business" Panel Speaker!

Expanding the Horizon-2014

JITA Celebrating its amazing 2-Year Journey! It has been a tribute to every JITA member who made this voyage a remarkable story of success

Empowering Women Bringing Freedom

JITA has crafted power for 7250 women who are known as Aparajitas; who never accept defeat and achieve a better living as door to door sales entrepreneurs

Reaching the Unreachable

4 Million people living in hard to reach areas are having access to impactful products through our sales channel.

Upholding a unique occupational platform

Our unique distribution channel has created life-changing opportunities by current 242 entrepreneurship and around 1000 job placement and development

Creating market for health and growth

25,000 villages are having awareness and access on hygiene, nutrition, energy necessities through innovative communication and distribution

What They Think of Us


Empowering women
Bringing market to the Communities



  • JITA Bangladesh, is dedicated to empowering women through a network of enterprises, creating employment opportunities and improving access to markets for underprivileged consumers


  • 11,000 underprivileged women empowered through income and employment.
  • 450 enterprises developed through increased linkages with companies.
  • 1,000 of employment creation.
  • Improved access to markets for 7 million underprivileged consumers.

Our Strategic Principles:

1. Empowerment:

We empower poor women and men to take advantage of economic opportunities, achieve higher incomes and better food security for themselves. This will be achieved through building individual capacities and helping them develop and strengthen their own society and communities.

2. Increasing opportunities:

We provide access to products and services for households that have a positive impact in healthy living, agriculture, livelihood, improved lifestyle, and access to information. Allow access to new markets and consumers to local producers and entrepreneurs.

3. Partnership:

We create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between distributor organizations with shared objectives to provide rigorous consumer orientation while focused obsessively on the health, productivity and livelihoods of the Aparajitas.

4. Sustainability:

We Provide a sustainable model developed to set the path for blending social benefit and commercial sustainability. The social enterprise aspires to become a model that can be applied elsewhere.

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An Interesting History

CARE piloted the Rural Sales Program (RSP) in 2004 by addressing the problem of highly informal rural marketing and distribution system of Bangladesh which deprives poor’s access to many important products, information and income generating opportunities. The project started with 25 poor women selling BATA shoes door to door in the northern region of Bangladesh.

Soon it became clear that RSP had tapped into a massive market and there was a bright, prosperous future ahead. So RSP management started expanding its operation in other areas of the country with revolutionary idea of creating ‘product basket’ for sales ladies gradually having products from different companies like Square, Grameen Phone, Lalteer Seeds and Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. As a consequence RSP ladies ‘Aparajitas’ got wider range of product to sell in the communities thus started attaining sustainability in their door to door business.

By the increasing success of the project, RSP management could envision a future model that not only could sustainably improve livelihood of sales women but also create significant impact towards BoP consumer living as well as win-win situation with rural market seeking private companies. due to sustainability of the model. CARE management became highly interested on finding a way to make it up a separate business entity. As the model was well recognized both among development and private sectors, it didn’t take long to attain a valuable investment, came in the form of Danone Communities who partnered with Care International to make RSP into a separate Social Business.

Today JITA aims to reach a far more sustainable and successful position in the social business arena which would never have been possible by working as a donor dependent project.


Team Of Spirit

Social Impact & Financial Sustainability, two branches of the same tree. Such a balance is compulsory for a social business and its  possible only by having people of diverse skills, talent and experience in JITA.




JITA Bangladesh is a Joint venture between CARE international (Care Enterprise Inc.) and Danone Communities. Care owns the majority share of JITA and controls the governance in the board.

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, and increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.

Danone Communities is a "social businesses network". Its mission is to fund and develop local businesses with a sustainable economic model, oriented towards social goals: reducing poverty and malnutrition. Alongside social entrepreneurs, this support goes through both investments DanoneCommunities via a SICAV general public but also by a technical support through a network of committed experts who convey their experiences. Beyond its projects, Danone Communities wish to share lessons to inspire other individual and collective initiatives in the service of a more cohesive society.


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a pioneer inclusive business model

What we do

Our action to bring change

JITA is achieving its mission by a unique Distribution model, powerful market research initiative, innovative market creation approach, development project involvement and lastly but most important multi-dimensional partnerships

Multi dimensional partnerships

All JITA success has arrived because of PARTNERSHIP

Impact we create

By integrating distribution channel, market creation model, research initiative and multi dimensional partnerships JITA is exploring a powerful platform where result is visible in empowering women, creating employment opportunities and educating as well as building access to underserved consumers.

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Our Investors

JITA is a hybrid born social business of Care International and Danone Communities

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